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#976939 - 09/23/13 10:29 PM crappy folding bike, I need suggestions
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Underway in Germany

Hi< i bought a really cheap brand new folding bike
from the brand '2fast4you'


Pictures, which do not belong to you, must not be displayed in the Forum. I have converted the picture into a link.

The seat does not go high enough safely (I am about 1.70) and therefore i cannot ride it. If I try to put the seat at the height I need to ride normally, then it will break off, it just does not have enough tube to get it right. I hope this problem does not exist in all brands of folding bikes...

I bought it online, which was a mistake. It was only 100 euro (inclusiv delivery) and I thought I would get a bargain, but I was very much mistaken!

My question is those ofyou who are 1.70 or taller and you use folding bikes, which brand do you recommend I try up to 300 euro for one bike?

Ps: this bike now I sell as ''children's bike'' only!

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#1240053 - 10/11/16 03:57 AM Re: crappy folding bike, I need suggestions [Re: ToPodilato]
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300 € are not enough for a folding bike. Tern and Dahon have good folding bikes for 4üü € and up. You can saerch for a mifa foldimg bike.They are a little cheaper than Dahon bikes.
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#1240096 - 10/11/16 08:37 AM Re: crappy folding bike, I need suggestions [Re: ToPodilato]
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Many cheap folding bikes come from the asian market (where folding bikes seem to be much more popular than in Europe). One has to consider two facts:
- Asians are usually smaller than Europeans. The frame sizes will be so as well.
- It seems to be usual in Asia to adjuste the saddle hight in a way that you can allways easily touch the ground with your feet while sitting one the saddle. In other words the seat is much to low and this position will cause knee hurts within some kilometers of riding.
Moreover (as with jour bike) the seat post angle is often quite low, resulting in the fact that the paddles are much more in front of the seat than on regular bikes.

To cut a long story short: You should definitely consider to spend much more than 300€. Quite good brands are Dahon and Tern (as said before), much more valuable (and expensive) are the Birdy from Riese&Müller or Brompton. And before spending a lot of money, you should specify what you intend to do with the folding bike. Do you want to travel with it (panier racks?)? Does it need to climb mountains? Should it fold fast and often? Do you want to make trips exceeding 20km at one time? The more expectations/requirements you have, the more money it will take, obviously. And it might be necessary to build up a custom bike. This is not as easy (and cheap) as with a regular bike due to certain mini bike specific aspects.
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#1240344 - 10/12/16 09:49 AM Re: crappy folding bike, I need suggestions [Re: ToPodilato]
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I am using an Utopia Gecko (follower name was Timor). I got used for 950 Euro. This is a quite good price for a folding bike allowing riders at a weight of 100 kg. (I need that)

But anyway, Utopia no longer produces folding bikes.
Radlergrüße, Karin
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#1240668 - 10/13/16 04:33 PM Re: crappy folding bike, I need suggestions [Re: ToPodilato]
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Hi, you can create a new seatpost by putting two of them together. Other folding bikes like dahon which not only for children have (to) short seatposts too. The first seatpost should fit with the seattube of the frame and the second one with the inside measure of the first. Check this out by testing in a bicycle shop with different pairs of seatposts. From the first one the saddleclamp need to be cutted and slotted.
Its on your own risk. You can bridge with this method some missing centimetres. To much and the frame is getting damaged by breaking the seattube. Keep your attention on the minimum insertion and add some cm.

I did it in the same way and using the bike for many kilometres until now, it works.
Viele Grüße
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#1241932 - 10/19/16 08:10 AM Re: crappy folding bike, I need suggestions [Re: ToPodilato]
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Originally Posted By: ToPodilato
My question is those ofyou who are 1.70 or taller and you use folding bikes, which brand do you recommend I try up to 300 euro for one bike?

I think its hard to find a really good folding bike for 300 bucks. If the budget is low you maybe should look for a used bike from a well known manufacturer. In the the 500€-700€ range you can find sometimes a Riese & Müller Birdy, a Koga Miyate Founder or a Bernds. My "Bike Friday" I bought for 650 € (used but good condition) in Netherlands but these bikes are very very rare in Europe.

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