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#130510 - 11/23/04 10:00 PM To Venezuelan readers
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I hope you don't mind my writing in English.

This may be a slightly strange post, but here goes:

In July and August of 1992, I was bicycling through Venezuela (a beautiful country, by the way; I especially enjoyed la Gran Sabana), and one day in the city of El Tigre I was interviewed by two journalists from the newspaper "El Mundo Oriental".

They took my picture and asked me where I was going etc., and I think an article must have appeared about me, but I never had the opportunity to check.

I would like to have this article, but unfortunately, I have not found any Venezuelan newspaper called "El Mundo Oriental" on the Internet, so I assume it no longer exists.

Even so, it should still be possible to find the article at a well-stocked Venezuelan library or archive (if the article appeared at all). I was wondering if someone who happens to live near such a library in Venezuela would be willing to look for the article and send me a scan. The article - about a 20-year-old gringo cyclist on his way to the Amazon and Cape Horn - would have appeared around 1 August 1992 (plus or minus five days).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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#133264 - 12/02/04 07:16 PM Re: To Venezuelan readers [Re: Schreiber]
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Soy Venezolano y te comento que puedes buscar esa prensa en site venezuelan
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