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#36897 - 03/04/03 05:17 PM Palm rests
First, thanks for making an English section! My German is not good enough, but also I have tried to search for things in German, but cannot even put an umlaut in my text to make the search possible.

I have a question. I have heard that there is a palmrest made for MTB handlebars which is made in Germany and known as The Palm. It is useful for touring. I could not find it on Globetrotter's website.

Does anyone have an opinion on the palmrest, for preventing wrist problems when touring with a MTB? Anyone know a website selling these?

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#36900 - 03/04/03 06:00 PM Re: Palm rests [Re: Anonymous]
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Posts: 1,290
palm rests for MTB`s don´t ring any bell to me. Are those some kind of a bar-ends? Or are you perhaps talking about the "bio-grips?
Talk to you later.

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#36946 - 03/05/03 01:52 AM Re: Palm rests [Re: Cracklepants]
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did you try

andreas winnipeg/canada

were are you from?
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#36952 - 03/05/03 08:28 AM Re: Palm rests [Re: Cracklepants]
Try and don't hestitate to contact these guys.
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#36957 - 03/05/03 08:47 AM Re: Palm rests [Re: Cracklepants]
Are you talking about this?
They are called bio grips in Germany. Available as standard or race version. Can be purchased in Germany from Bicycles
If you are looking for something else, just try to explain it, "The Palm" is obviously unknown to most of us.
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#37094 - 03/06/03 06:36 AM Re: Palm rests [Re: Cracklepants]
if you search for words with "Umlaut" you can change to "ae" for "ä" , "oe" for "ö" and to "ue" for the "ü"
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#37301 - 03/07/03 12:14 PM Re: Palm rests [Re: Cracklepants]
Thanks, amigos, Bio-grips are what I am looking for . I don't know where I got "Palm rests" from, but you read my mind.

I am in the UK. Should be easy to mail order from here and hope they work with the GripShift controls on my bike.

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#37334 - 03/07/03 04:16 PM Re: Palm rests [Re: akunankinga]
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Posts: 1,229
i don't think, that they really work fine with gripshifters. Cause when shifting you're twisting your hand across the grip(as i noticed by myself) thats why my grips lok like a slick after one year grin . Therefore i think if there's such an (how to call it, unround, not round, asymetric) grip it should be al little more difficult to shift. How about a better and ore ergonomic handlebar?

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#37346 - 03/07/03 06:02 PM Re: Palm rests [Re: Zombie025]
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Posts: 113

like "Zombie" I think that the palm rests / bio grips are not too good for using with grip shift. You can see the reason for this by looking at the picture posted by TiVo.

I tried to solve this problem by cutting the bio grips but I had to learn that this is not really the best way to handle the problem. The bio grips still work but they look like being tortured (what they really are).

For this reason I cannot comment on there functionality because I never used them since.

sunny greetings from freiburg i. b.

Jens David
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