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#64237 - 11/27/03 10:55 PM touring Vietnam in March
Topic starter
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My partner and I are planning to cycle the coast of Vietnam in M arch for 4 weeks. Any suggestions in regards to the best route would be appreciated. Thinking of starting in Hanoi and vistiting Halong bay then cycling down the coast to Saigon. If we have time a trip to the Mekong Delta as well. Has anybody taken a BOB trailer to Vietnam as I am wondering about the logistics of it on buses and trains (renufication express). Any handy info would be greatly appreciated.
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#67357 - 12/26/03 10:54 AM Re: touring Vietnam in March [Re: CYCLESIMON]
Carol Streeter
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Hi Simon,

we are just back from a four-week cycle trip through Vietnam (15 November - 15 December 2003) and you may be interested in our four internet reports under

We got the overnight train from Hanoi to Hue, and cycled the coast from Hue to Nha Trang going south (about 700 km). We also made side-trips to Halong Bay and Mekong Delta. It is no problem to leave your bikes in the hotel in Hanoi or Saigon to do these trips if you don't have time to cycle there. We actually hired a motor bike to drive from Saigon to Cantho, a 360 km round trip, to see the Mekong Delta as we didn't have enough time to cycle this stretch and the countryside is far from scenic heading out of Saigon towards the Mekong Delta.

Don't think you would have any probems with the bob. The trains and buses transport anything and everything, and they are very expert at securing things to the roof (bus). Our brand-new bikes survived plane, train and bus transports.

Are you using Lonely Planet "Cycling Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia" to plan your route? If you don't have a guide book, you must be aware that you sometimes have to cycle very long stretches along the coast (120 - 130 km) to find accommodation. Loney Planet lets you plan your day ahead without having any major panics about not finding anywhere to sleep.

T&T on tour
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#69138 - 01/12/04 02:28 PM Re: touring Vietnam in March [Re: CYCLESIMON]
Hi Simon,
I think you have a very bad time for Vietnam because in this time you have rainy season in the North. South of Hue i think you Will have better weather and much more sun. If You want know more please contact me under
Have a good time there. My time in Vietnam wasn't very special good.
Peter cool
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#181929 - 06/21/05 02:36 PM Re: hanoi [Re: ]
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Underway in Vietnam

hi there, Im about to cross the border from china into vietnam, did you see or hear about any good bike shops in Hanoi ? im a few thousand kms into my trip and my peddles are falling off ! really !
thanks ,
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#181932 - 06/21/05 02:55 PM Re: hanoi [Re: gib]
Sorry I don`t know any bike shop in Hanoi. Surely there are a few quite good shops there.
Probably same quality like in China.
Best wishes
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#181951 - 06/21/05 04:15 PM Re: hanoi [Re: gib]
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Underway in Vietnam

im in hanoi and been looking around i have been cycling for 5 months and theres not that much good shops execpt in thialand but you will be able to be pedels but i have not seen any thing like clip ins there seems to be a bit of a lack in quolity bike parts but tomorrow i have to look for my self so if i find any good shops ill let you know
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