Hello to all globikers !

If you want to start a biking trip in China ...
I am selling my mountain bike I equipped last year to travel in China.

The bike is now in Chengdu, very close to the Tibetan mountains of Western Sichuan ! It is almost ready to leave the next day (all equipment goes with the bike), only need a bit of gear tuning and new back panniers.

I only travelled one month with it (mountains of Western Sichuan, passes at 4700m, some snow, frost, no worries ...) and a few months in the city itself.

I put up a webpage online with pictures, all details and the list of stuff given with it here : http://www.carolinehands.co.uk/kl/bike.html
For French speakers : http://www.carolinehands.co.uk/kl/bike_fr.html

Price is RMB 2500 (equiv now to €275). My contact email is on the webpage, feel free to get in touch anytime !